Extreme Scat Clips Middle (School Panties Get It - HD 720p) [mp4 / 735 MB] - Download and Watch Online on Android, Tablet, PC

Middle (School Panties Get It - HD 720p) [mp4 / 735 MB]

Middle (School Panties Get It - HD 720p) [mp4 / 735 MB]

Actress: Middle
Genre: Panty Scat, Shit in Panty, Panty, Solo, Shit

Duration: 00:07:26
Quality: HD 720p
Resolution: MPEG-4 Video 1280x720 24.000 FPS 13.8 Mb/s
Format: mp4
Size: 735 MB

So Close Yet so Far…
After waking up she tried to use the dorm bathroom, only to realize the toilet had been clogged the night before! She goes to find another bathroom, but the lock is stuck! Knowing she can never hold it long in the mornings she struggles to get out, but it’s no use…

First Time Ever
Here you get to watch a 19 year old girl mess herself for the first time in her life. I’d been trying to get her to do it for months, and finally one morning she texted me saying she needed to go really bad. I told her she couldn’t and was gonna have to hold it. That went back and forth for only twenty minutes before she accepted her fate and pulled out her phone. Now the cinematography on this isn’t the best, as she is filming herself but you get some great close ups and audio.

The audio on this video can be low so make sure to have the volume up or wear headphones.
Middle School Panties Get It

One morning my girl was studying for exams in my apartment drinking coffee, when before long she needed to go, bad. She can never hold it long, and so I set up the camera and left her to her devices. In moments she was pushing her load uncontrollably into these panties she’s had since middle school. Then she shamefully pulls her panties to the side so you can get a peek at her load. All in all it makes for a pretty cute scene.

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