Extreme Scat Clips XshayXshayX (Sweet Smear and Taste - UltraHD 2K) [mp4 / 416 MB] - Download and Watch Online on Android, Tablet, PC

XshayXshayX (Sweet Smear and Taste - UltraHD 2K) [mp4 / 416 MB]

XshayXshayX (Sweet Smear and Taste - UltraHD 2K) [mp4 / 416 MB]

Actress: XshayXshayX
Genre: Scatting Girl, Shitting Ass, Solo, Shitting Girls

Duration: 00:21:19
Quality: UltraHD 2K
Resolution: MPEG-4 Video 720x1280 30.000 FPS 2727 kb/s
Format: mp4
Size: 416 MB

Custom Vid, No names. You’ve been just dying to eat my shit for a while now but you’re still kinda new at the Scat thing. I ease you into your desires by preparing a delicious shit dessert/breakfast just for you! I start with cherries. I push three into my ass, hoping to coat them with my shit! After I drive them in deeper with a banana I cover my nipples with chocolate pudding. One by one I poop the cherries out, large chunks of shit coating them. I urge you to smell and lick them with me. I take your experience to the next level by spreading my hole open wide and shitting into your bowl of pudding. It’s soft so it mixes well and I rub this along with whipped cream all over my tits and chest. Finally I bend over and fill my hand up with a huge pile of poop, cover it in whipped cream and top it with cherries from my bum. I lick and taste and eat it and guide you through eating my poop parfait. I want you to lick the mixture from my body and eat it all up!


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