Extreme Scat Clips TrixieSquirts (Molly Shits on my Feet! - UltraHD 2K) [mp4 / 595 MB] - Download and Watch Online on Android, Tablet, PC

TrixieSquirts (Molly Shits on my Feet! - UltraHD 2K) [mp4 / 595 MB]

TrixieSquirts (Molly Shits on my Feet! - UltraHD 2K) [mp4 / 595 MB]

Actress: TrixieSquirts
Genre: Domination, Lesbians, Humiliation

Duration: 00:05:27
Quality: UltraHD 2K
Resolution: MPEG-4 Video 1080x1920 30.000 FPS 15.2 Mb/s
Format: mp4
Size: 595 MB

Omg babe! You know how I’ve been wanting my girlfriend Molly to shit on me for some time now… well, I finally got up the courage to ask her… and she said yes! We didn’t exactly know when we would do it.. so we kinda let it go. Until, that is, all the family came over and overcrowded the house. We were in the backyard sunbathing, escaping the annoying adults inside.. when Molly realized she needed to take a shit.. there was no way to go inside that 1 tiny bathroom and stink up the whole place with all those judge mental family members around! Nope. she started thinking. then I popped the question, “will you shit on my feet now?” I was so nervous to ask! What if she were to say no? But alas! She smiled wide and said Yes! She dropped her shorts and turned her ass towards me. Excited, I gave her my foot and placed it below her spread pussy and asshole. So hot! I wait, anticipation building as the second roll by, then I feel the most delightful warm sensation on my leg streaming down my feet all the way to my toes! How how wonderful! Molly is Peeing on me! Omg it’s so warm and refreshing! I switch legs, ohhhh yessss this is the best! She soaks my feet and I splash a bit before seeing the tip of her shit start to crown in her asshole! Oh boy, what I’ve been craving for soooo long now. since I first met her. finally Molly is going to shit on my feet! Can you believe it?! Is this really happening? Oh boy, more is slowly being pushed out, oh what a delicious log that is! Uh oh, I tried to aim it to land on my foot but I missed! Damn, I really wanna feel how warm her shit is… Oh well, guess I have to step in it now! I lift my foot and excitedly squish my pink painted toes right in her fresh shit log! Yesss! Oh my god this is what I’ve been craving for months! YES! I squish and squish, then switch feet, then both are stomping and squishing all up in her piss and shit! Oh wow it smells soooo good! I wanna get a better sniff. I twist my leg and bring my foot up to my face and get a good whiff, yes her shit smells sooo good! I almost wanna taste it… I wonder what her shit would taste like? After play time, I get to clean up! Whohoo! I love being a shit slut with my bestie Molly!


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