Betty, Frank (Betty and Frankys Cowshit Adventure Part 1 of 3 - FullHD 1080p) [wmv / 1.69 GB]

Betty, Frank (Betty and Frankys Cowshit Adventure Part 1 of 3 - FullHD 1080p) [wmv / 1.69 GB]

Actress: Betty, Frank
Genre: Scat, 69, Betty, Blowjob, Couple, Cow, Cow Dung, Cow shit fetish, Liquid, Manure, Manure Channel, Pussy Licking, Sex, Sex in the cowshed, Shirt, Slurry bath, Slurry Porn, Socks

Duration: 00:30:00
Quality: FullHD 1080p
Resolution: Windows Media Video 1920x1080 24.000 FPS 8070 kb/s
Format: wmv
Size: 1.69 GB

Betty and Franky together on their first couple porn in a cowshed. They both love cowshit to the core. 85 minutes of most depraved and filthy sex you've ever seen. Betty and Franky decide to visit their favorite farm and sneak into the cowshed. Both get right in front of the manure channel and start kissing, after they've warmed up they start both grabbing some cow dung from the channel and smearing it on each other's clothes. After some time they both decide to take a quick dip in the creamy dung together, they both cover each other more and more. After they've climbed out Betty starts to unzip Frankys pants, she finally wants to taste his cock. They both cover themself more and more while Betty is sucking and jerking on Frankys cock. They are both completly naked and they want another bath in the stinky creamy cowshit.
They both go in and slowly submerge completely. After thatThey start in 69 position and switch to cowgirl and then to doggy style. Both of them love being completely covered in manure while fucking each other. Betty starts to masturbate and squirt in Frankys mouth, which he gladly drinks. They love being covered from head to toe so they climb in again and smearing each other more and more. Bettys climbs out of the pit and sits on the edge, so Franky can lick hear cowshit covered pussy. They continue both in bathing in the cowshit filled pit, switching positions, sucking and licking each other and lots of fucking in and outside of the manure channel. In the end Betty sucks Frankys cock untill he finishes in her mouth, they both kiss each other one last time and get dressed again, so they can sneak out of the cowshed.

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