Extreme Scat Clips LoveRachelle2 (Take A Dump On Your Chest - 4K UltraHD) [mp4 / 1.32 GB] - Download and Watch Online on Android, Tablet, PC

LoveRachelle2 (Take A Dump On Your Chest - 4K UltraHD) [mp4 / 1.32 GB]

LoveRachelle2 (Take A Dump On Your Chest - 4K UltraHD) [mp4 / 1.32 GB]

Actress: LoveRachelle2
Genre: Scat, Defecation, Scatology, Poop, Shit, Kaviar Scat, Pooping Girls, Shitting Girls

Duration: 00:12:39
Quality: 4K UltraHD
Resolution: MPEG-4 Video 3840x2160 29.970 FPS 14.9 Mb/s
Format: mp4
Size: 1.32 GB

I laugh, asking if you're hungry again. God, what a pain in the ass it is for me to have to feed you! And I don't even mean that ironically, considering that all you get to eat are my "sloppy seconds". Birthed hot right from my ass, into your mouth. But honestly, you REALLY think you deserve to eat today? I don't know if you are. I don't know if I'm actually going to bother feeding you today. Hmm maybe if I make it kinda fun make you "play" with your food, first? You so desperate for your food you'll agree to play with it, just how I tell you? Alright then why don't I list off all the food I've been eating for the past few days, that'll go into your meal. Now get under my throne as I drop you "meal" onto your chest. Did you like watching it come out? Feel how hot and steamy it is on your chest? Smell how much it STINKS? Ew, it's stinking up the whole room. As much as it stinks, it'll be worth it for me, as long as making you wait to eat forces you to hunger more and more for my shit. You ready for my instructions? You're going to be a stinking shit pig by the time I'm done with you, slave. Covered with my shit, INSIDE and out you're gonna eat and smear that shit just as I tell you until you're just full of my shit, and I'm completely satisfied.

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