Extreme Scat Clips EllaGilbert (Shitty Pantyhose Extravaganza PART 2 - HD 720p) [mp4 / 1.10 GB] - Download and Watch Online on Android, Tablet, PC

EllaGilbert (Shitty Pantyhose Extravaganza PART 2 - HD 720p) [mp4 / 1.10 GB]

EllaGilbert (Shitty Pantyhose Extravaganza PART 2 - HD 720p) [mp4 / 1.10 GB]

Actress: EllaGilbert
Genre: Poop Videos, Panty Pooping

Duration: 00:19:19
Quality: HD 720p
Resolution: MPEG-4 Video 1280x720 29.970 FPS 8149 kb/s
Format: mp4
Size: 1.10 GB

This is the best pantyhose fetish related video u have ever seen! I had to upload it in two parts because it is 45mins long and recorded in full HD and I didnt wanna ruin its quality by compressing it.
Here is what u get by buying this awsome video:
I've procured three ultrathin (max 15 den ) sheer to waist shiny / glossy pantyhose.
One in size xxl, the other two in normal size, all in colour tan / brown.
I applyed plenty of lube on and into my asshole for comfortable later play
I put on the xxl pantyhose and perform a nice wedgy cameltoe by pulling it up as far as possible.
I pull the fabric in my crack and try to collect and locate plenty of fabric around my asshole for being pushed inside later.
I use a 50mm buttplug and guide it below the pantyhose into my nicely lubed ass showing some nice poses
I sit down and cut out the gusset out of one of the other pantyhose and put it over my head, wearing it like a blouse
I caress my nylon covered breasts showing u how good this feels and how excited I am.
I take the thrird pantyhose and pull it over your head.
I wear a nice black bodystocking over the ensemble and - of course some nice high heels.
I grab a nice stiff dildo and put it on the table
I remove the butt plug under my pantyhose, pull up nylon fabric up my legs and thighs in order to collect enough fabric around my asshole to be pushed into my ass.

I lower myself onto the dildo and show u how the nyon fabric is pushed into my ass.
I will take my time and enjoy this. I then take my bodystocking and pantyhose off and cover my huge dildo with it and push it deep inside my ass, fucking it hard till I cum all over and my ass feels like shitting. I remove the pantyhose of the toy and put it back on. I push my shit out filling the pantyhose up which makes me really horny again so I make a hole right above my asshole and push that huge toy back inside fucking my ass harder and harder emptying it and making it cum all over again.
Thinking that my ass is empty I plug it up, take the pantyhose off my head and put it over to secure that buttplug in..all the shit is now spreaded all over my legs under the pantyhose, what a lovely feeling!
I hope u came hard with me, I say before throwing u a kiss

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