CandieCane (Surprise Poop! - FullHD 1080p) [mp4 / 1.12 GB]

CandieCane (Surprise Poop! - FullHD 1080p) [mp4 / 1.12 GB]

Actress: CandieCane
Genre: Scat, Piss, Cum, Big shit, Solo, Outdoor, Big Tits, Blonde

Duration: 00:09:18
Quality: FullHD 1080p
Resolution: MPEG-4 Video 1920x1080 30.000 FPS 17.2 Mb/s
Format: mp4
Size: 1.12 GB

My business convention had just finished! I wanted to crawl under one of the open convention booths and piss! I look around for a bit, trying to find the best place to do this! But there are people everywhere?! I really want to do this LOL! I tell you, “We are going to fucking do this!” I continue walking around the show, with noises of others moving about, tearing down the show. I walk around and show you everything, but still hadn’t found anything. I finally decide there is too many people around and decide to just head to the restrooms. I am glad I did what I did, as at the time I didn’t even realize I had to poop also LOL! We walk into the bathroom and pick a stall. I set you down and begin taking off my clothes! My breasts and popping out of my bra, then I slowly open my bra and release them! My stomach was super swollen, which I thought was only pee. A bunch of pee floods out of me and as I bring you in close to record the last few drops, I turn on the flash and here comes a turd! I pull my pussy up with my fingers, as my pussy starts leaking cream as my ass has a giant turd hanging out of it. The long turd finally falls and my pussy is still leaking cream! I bring your face in close to give you a last view of my undercarriage! Then I grab some toilet paper and wipe off my soaked bush! Then I bring your face in really close as I wipe my ass clean. I am so use to using wet wipes, I hate using toilet paper when I poo LOL! Once I am clean, I show you as I flush the toilet. Then I set you down and start to get dressed. My huge tits bouncing around as I make silly faces at you hehe! You can hear random dryers going off and toilets flushing in the background. Then we walk out of the bathroom stall and walk over to wash my hands and then dry them. Then I pull out my tits and flash you, when anyone could walk in, and have seen me! I walk out of the restroom door and back out onto the convention floor, telling you that I got a lot of work left to do! I hope you enjoyed!

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