Lyndra Lynn, Betty (Lyndra Lynn and Bettys Cowshed Domination - HD) [mp4 / 618 MB]

Lyndra Lynn, Betty (Lyndra Lynn and Bettys Cowshed Domination - HD) [mp4 / 618 MB]

Actress: Lyndra Lynn, Betty
Genre: Cow, Femdom, Dildo, Scat, Sex in the cowshed, Bizarre, Couple, Fisting, Strapon, Manure Channel, Manure, Domina, Cow Dung, Cowshed

Duration: 00:43:18
Quality: HD
Resolution: AVC, 1280x720, 24.000 Fps, 1 894 kb/s
Format: mp4
Size: 618 MB

Lyndra Lynn was furious and took Betty by the leash and dragged her into her cowshed studio. She dipped her head several times in the manure channel. Poor Betty didn’t know what hit her. Lyndra told Betty to undress and pour candle wax on her and whip her. But that was not enough for Lyndra, so she grabbed the spreader bar and put it on Betty. Slowly Lyndra stretched her cunt, first with a dildo and then with her finger and her complete hand. Lyndra Lynn fisted her pussy till she was ready for the large horse strapon. With the thick dildo Lyndra fucked Betty’s cunt with pleasure. But that was not enough for her, Lyndra grabbed her speculum and spread Betty’s pussy wide open. Now Lyndra stuffed a lot of cow dung in Betty’s pussy which she had to push out afterwards. After that Betty had to get into the canal, so that Lyndra could pour a lot of cow dung from the bucket over her and whip her properly with the flogger. When Betty was allowed to get out again, it was her turn to have her asshole fingered and then of course the horse dildo was used in her ass. Betty got to feel the full dominance of Lyndra. At some point Lyndra Lynn was finished with Betty. Betty had to get into the manure canal again and then Lyndra threw big pieces of cow dung at her and left her in the manure channel.Betty had to stand up in the manure and Lyndra hosed her down. Betty was covered with manure from head to toe. Lyndra then left Betty in the manure channel and locked the gate. Betty was left standing in the manure, unable to move. Lyndra had turned off the water, so Betty was unable to clean herself off. She had no choice but to stand there, covered in manure.
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