Olga, Yana (Olga Fucks Yana and a mouth full of crap Yana - HDRip) [mp4 / 1.18 GB]

Olga, Yana (Olga Fucks Yana and a mouth full of crap Yana - HDRip) [mp4 / 1.18 GB]

Actress: Olga, Yana
Genre: Scat, Strapon, Toilet Slavery, Lesbian, Amateur

Duration: 00:12:29
Quality: HDRip
Resolution: AVC, 1920x1080, 25.000 Fps, 13.3 Mb/s
Format: mp4
Size: 1.18 GB

Olga loves to fuck Yana with the strap-on in the ass . At this time Yana and Olga is so missed each other , Olga was away for some time .Yana started to caress to kiss his beloved girlfriend Olga about how sweet she is caressing tongue nipples, Olga , Yana and then descends lower and lower , and takes it into his playful mouth strap-on Oh how she loves to suck it . Yana takes in mouth, strap on , Oh yeah her lips slide over him . Olga deploys Yana and puts cancer on his knees . And enters her ass strap on about how sweet Stoney Yana receiving the sea of pleasure from the fact that she has it in her asshole , what a sweet anus Yana , she pushed the strap on all glowie and deeper , her anus wants to completely immerse strapon . Yana loves anal sex . Olga again razvorachivaet Yana and gives her strapon to suck that shit , Yana loves to have anal sex when her asshole is full of shit . Yana sucks a strap-on , but in that moment, when her lips slide over the strap-on , ass Yana comes out crap , big pile of fresh hot shit . Oh yeah Yana is not shy and shows you its beauties , and as she shit during Blowjob . She had a lot of fun from what Yana shit a pile of shit . She put Ian on his back and she took off the strap on . And stood over Yana legs spread , Yana opened her mouth and Olga Yana began to shit right in the mouth . Oh, how sweet it is . Then Olga sits ass on Yana mouth where a lot of shit and forces Ian to give her analingus , Yana has a mouth full of crap but she still caresses your tongue dirty shit anus Olga .
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