CHRIS, TIMA, CATHY (Caviar Doll - SD) [avi / 567 MB]

CHRIS, TIMA, CATHY (Caviar Doll - SD) [avi / 567 MB]

Genre: Smearing, Efro, Pee, Farting, Poop, Defecation, Extreme Scat, Scatology, Sex Scat

Duration: 01:11:53
Quality: SD
Resolution: AVI Video DivX 5 480x320 25.000 FPS 1103 kb/s
Format: avi
Size: 567 MB

Chris's latest video is a true opera of bizarre, twisted perversion. As usual, a strange storyline involving a doll brought to life by guests of a decadent Parisian party is the backdrop for a shit, piss and vomit orgy that units Chris with two of the most famous scat queen around - Tima and Cathy. Each of them a legend on their own, all three united in one video for the first time where they push the limits one step further. Dark eroticism, ultra hard and kinky. The ultimate scat fantasie brought to life.

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