Lady Chantal, Miss Jane (Scatting and instiled - HD 720p) [wmv / 531 MB]

Lady Chantal, Miss Jane (Scatting and instiled - HD 720p) [wmv / 531 MB]

Actress: Lady Chantal, Miss Jane
Genre: Scat, Pissing, Femdom, Shitting, Scatting, Domination, Spanking, Spitting

Duration: 00:20:14
Quality: HD 720p
Resolution: Windows Media Video WMV3 1280x720 25.000 FPS 3667 kb/s
Format: wmv
Size: 531 MB

I torment along with Miss Jane a slave we have fixed in the punishment trestle. The guy suffers really nice while we treat his balls and nipples with electricity and nipple clamps. Since we have just a strapped slave here, we use it even as a toilet. I shit in a cup and stuff the scat into his mouth. After Miss Jane also piss and shit in his mouth. The slave has not tasted it well, he pukes and is disgusted. But no matter, anyhow we instil him the manure into his mouth * laugh *.

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