JessicaKay (Nasty Girlfriend Shitting Fetish - Pee Drinking - FullHD 1080p) [mp4 / 801 MB]

JessicaKay (Nasty Girlfriend Shitting Fetish - Pee Drinking - FullHD 1080p) [mp4 / 801 MB]

Actress: JessicaKay
Genre: Solo, Shitting, Scatting, Masturbation, Amateur

Duration: 00:28:33
Quality: FullHD 1080p
Resolution: MPEG-4 Video 1920x1080 29.970 FPS 3922 kb/s
Format: mp4
Size: 801 MB

You are my boyfriend, and we've been together a while now. I decide I finally want to show you a side of me, you have never seen before.I want to get as kinky as possible with you. You are shocked when I lay on my back, and start shitting on the floor. THEN, I piss on top of the shit. I take a nasty, smelly and soft shit that almost makes me gag after I do it. But, I have one more surprise left to show you.I think stick my fingers down my throat, and puke on top of the shit/piss pile. These are secrets I've been hiding for so long, and I just couldn't wait any longer to show you the real me. Will you accept me for the filthy, piss, shit, and puking loving whore that I am?

A recorded private show where I am directed to take shots out of a glass of my own piss.First time ever drinking a full cup of it. Watch me struggle, gag, beg and plead, while degrading myself verbally and being humiliated.

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